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Cute Tauntaun 0

Cute Tauntaun

SuperPunch reported that on July 18th the Bird and Bear Boutique will be hosting “Stitch Wars”, hand crafted goods inspired by Star wars.  Included in this show will be the fabulous plush Tauntaun by of Heidi Kenney.     by

Luke and Mara… 0

Luke and Mara…

Mara Jade is a character in the Expanded Star Wars Universe that never appeared on screen in the movies.  Her story comes from the books and comics.  Early on in her life, she an assassin know...

Poster Girl 0

Poster Girl

I took the image from the NoseArt that I made yesterday and created a poster.  I thought it would be fun to adjust the character’s skin tone to mix things up a bit.   by

Beatles Themed Artbook print 03 5

Beatles Themed Artbook print 03

Here it is.  The Third and final print for the art book, and this one’s the BIG one.  In this image we have the exiled Prospero and his daughter Miranda who have taken control...

TV Shows in Flux 5

TV Shows in Flux

Here’s some news from an article in Entertainment Weekly and re-posted by Dark Horizons about the future of the TV line up.  Just for fun marked the shows I care about in red. ABC...

Beatles Themed Artbook print 02 0

Beatles Themed Artbook print 02

Here is the Shakespearian play Hamlet inspired by the Beatles song, Let it be (or not to be).  HAHAHHAAHHAA!! Go to the bottom of and click to preview some of the other artwork.   *note* when all...

Mother’s Day Project 8

Mother’s Day Project

For those of you who may not know it, I have the best wife ever!  She has kept me organized and on the straight and narrow for 13 years now.  She further proved how...