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Moisture farming 0

Moisture farming

The Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine is a self filling water cooler that extracts drinking water from the air.  Wonderful.  Info found at Red Ferret. by

SHOP is open 0

SHOP is open

Over the years I’ve made a lot of different designs for T-shirts.  I’ve put a few of the designs together and made a few new ones to sell on this site.  Because the shop...

Rotta the Huttlet 0

Rotta the Huttlet

Today’s issue of Brickmaster reveals Rotta the Huttlet, Spawn of the infamous Jabba the Hutt.   I was so happy to see this I’m almost ready to forgive Lego for TAKING DOWN the 9′...

Lego Master Builder R2 D2 0

Lego Master Builder R2 D2

The second part of the Grand Opening was going down and helping to build a 9′ tall R2 D2. You can see that Dan the Master Builder is roped off in the center with...

Lego Store Arizona Grand Opening 0

Lego Store Arizona Grand Opening

We had a pretty full day on Friday.  It was the Grand Opening of the first Lego store in Arizona.  My brother came with his two kids and I took my oldest boy.  We...