Did Sabine find the Death Star Plans?


Nope. Well, there may be some of you that don’t know that I am a Co-Host on a Star Wars podcast. Every week after the New Star Wars Rebels TV show airs Eric Geller invite a guest to talk about the show. In our last episode we spoke about some secret plans that were discovered by the show’s main characters. Eric joked that he saw the plans for the infamous Death Star stream by with the other images. One of the show’s listeners wrote into the show and sent along a screenshot of what he thought MAY have been the plans to the Death Star. Thanks for writing in Josiah. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I noticed that we were looking through the screen at Sabine as she examined the files. So the first thing I did was to flip the image. I then went through the Star Wars alphabet (Aurebesh) and matched up the characters with the font I have on my computer (and YES! I DO have the Star Wars font loaded on my computer). After the font symbols were all aligned all I had to do was to change it from the Aurebesh font to some other font like Arial and BOOM! Secret code revealed, and it says nothing about it being a Death Star.  It says, “For the most recent stratefy and tactics from imperial outer rim high command.” I’m not sure what that means, so I guess that it COULD be talking about a Death Star. *shrugs* I was a fun little exercise.

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