Lego Store Arizona Grand Opening

We had a pretty full day on Friday.  It was the Grand Opening of the first Lego store in Arizona.  My brother came with his two kids and I took my oldest boy.  We got to the store and had to wait in line to get in!  I took this shot as we were leaving and the line had vanished.


On the store front window were some shots of Indiana Jones as a Lego character only to be greeted by a life size Indy inside.  


One of the employees told me that on Thursday some kid actually ripped one of Indy’s fingers off.  The whole sculpture has be epoxy glued together so the employee was impressed with the kid.  There’s a fair amount of detail in this piece.  I mean come on, Indy has teeth and everything!


 There was a lot to see around the store.  Here’s Spencer with a giant brick.


Then there were the ice and cake molds  and the salt & pepper shaker and minute timer.


Then there were little displays set up in the shelves.


Along the back wall in the “Pick-a-brick” area.  You can grab a cup and fill it up for $7.99!


Last is the observation that Lego is everywhere.  I didn’t even notice the lights until I was writing this post.  I wanted to take a picture of all the people that were at the opening, but I got a great shot of the Brick lights.



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