Lego Master Builder R2 D2

The second part of the Grand Opening was going down and helping to build a 9′ tall R2 D2.


You can see that Dan the Master Builder is roped off in the center with the beginings of the super famous Astromech droid.  All around him are BUCKETS of Bricks, and tables where the kids can work.

Dan had a model of R2 to use as a reference.


Each table had 2 different sizes of bricks and instructions to follow.  You see that the instructions are to make a 4x brick.  I thought that it was quite cleaver that the kids were actually making a scaled up version of the normal Lego brick.

Lego-R2_04   Lego-R2_06Lego-R2_03

After the bricks were made they were handed off to Dan for construction.  My brother and his kids had fun helping too.


This all took place on Friday.  On Saturday, we came back with the the rest of the family so that they could help to build R2.  Ok, truth be told, I wanted to help too!


The R2 sculpture is really coming along.  It is scheduled to be completed on Sunday, but we probably won’t be out to see it until Monday night.



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