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Meet the Inquisi-Mater!

Sometimes I think that my brain is just a little bit off. I’m not sure if I actually have a problem with my hearing or my vision, but I DEFINITELY see the world in...

Where’s my Cartoons? 0

Where’s my Cartoons?

I like to use my children as an excuse for all the toys I have and the cartoons I watch, but the truth is that it’s for me.  I love them, and I can’t...

Spawn of the Subservient Chicken! 0

Spawn of the Subservient Chicken!

Some of you may recall ALL THE WAY BACK to 2001 when Burger King launched the Subservient Chicken. This interactive advertising program was created to promote some new BK sandwich as part of their...

Robots in Disguise 2

Robots in Disguise

I love witty t-shirts.   You can go buy the shirt here.  Thanks to SuperPunch for making my day!  by

TV Shows in Flux 5

TV Shows in Flux

Here’s some news from an article in Entertainment Weekly and re-posted by Dark Horizons about the future of the TV line up.  Just for fun marked the shows I care about in red. ABC...

Sam Witwicky is the new Intersect 0

Sam Witwicky is the new Intersect

In the TV show “Chuck” (which I LUV), Chuck Bartowski opens an email from an old college friend that downloads the entire CIA/NSA database into his brain.  The database is known as the intersect and from...

Star Wars LIVE Action TV Series 0

Star Wars LIVE Action TV Series

As rumors about auditions for the Live Action TV series began to circulate, the gang over at Lightsabre have found a video to give us a taste of what the show could be like. ...

Win a Sketch Card 0

Win a Sketch Card

In voluntary cooperation with bloggers in your area, this blogger is participation in a test of the free sketch card system.  :D   Jason over at SUPERPUNCH blogs about toys, and games and art and...