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Robots in Disguise 2

Robots in Disguise

I love witty t-shirts.   You can go buy the shirt here.  Thanks to SuperPunch for making my day!  by

Lego Rock Band 0

Lego Rock Band

 As long as we’re talking about bringing the family together to play a little Beatles Rock Band, why not play a a Lego version of the game?  It looks like they’ve replaced the rock characters...

Director Patrick Boivin 0

Director Patrick Boivin

My friend Nick Cordileone sent me a the following link through Facebook of the Transformer Jazz having a battle with the General Lee. I was super impressed with the camera work in this stop motion...

Designer Eric Tan 0

Designer Eric Tan

I really enjoy the work of Disney designer Eric Tan.  He has created artwork for The Incredibles, Indiana Jones, Wall-E, and recently completed work on the style guide for the new Disney/Pixar movie UP!  He has...

The Beatles: Rock band 09.09.09 0

The Beatles: Rock band 09.09.09

Here’s some beeee-UTI-ful animation for the new Beatles Rock Band game.  For those who may not be familiar with Rock Band, it’s a video game where players get to simulate the performance of popular...

Star Wars, The Old Republic 2

Star Wars, The Old Republic

Last night when I watched this video there had been just over 300 views.  This morning there are over 20,000!  Way to go internet!!!  ;]  3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars...

Back in Action 0

Back in Action

So, let’s go ahead and start this month better than I ended last month.  I got a bit wrapped up in things and didn’t get around to posting anything new up here.  The good...

New Nose Art 0

New Nose Art

I got an email from a member of the rebelscum message boards the other day.  It turns out that he is a Marine getting ready to head out to Afghanistan and he’s really been...