Director Patrick Boivin

My friend Nick Cordileone sent me a the following link through Facebook of the Transformer Jazz having a battle with the General Lee.

I was super impressed with the camera work in this stop motion animation so I did a little research.  The following is from the website Wolflapin.

“Youtube phenom, Patrick Boivin is a self-taught director who got his start working on a show called Phylactèrecolafor a Quebec broadcaster. He has directed several shorts that have been on the international festival circuit. He has created stop-motion animation videos, some of which have gotten over five million hits. He is wowing everyone on the web with his technical proficiency, but most of all with his very own brand of cheeky pop cultural remixing. Huge music acts have recently hired Patrick.”

I’ve been working to build an online presence to help to advertise my work.  Well, it would appear that in lieu of Patrick building his own website, he’s built a YouTube Channel. He Joined YouTube March 01, 2007 and now has 42,521 subscribers. I’m not sure how this whole model works, but I would assume that when he publishes a new video to YouTube, 42,521 people will get a notification. That’s pretty impressive.  I’m hoping that he’s able to get some revenue sharing from YouTube for the over One Million channel views he’s had.  

here’s another video posted on Vimeo (it’s a bit higher quality than YouTube)

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.  

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