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Review of Despereaux 3

Review of Despereaux

We’ve made a successful trip out to see Despereaux.  I have not read the book so anything that I know about the movie I’ve learned from watching the trailer.  I met my sister at...

The Tale of Despereaux 2

The Tale of Despereaux

My sister called up and told me how much she love this book, The Tale of Despereaux.  For my daughter’s birthday she’s invited us to all go out and see it today.  I’m really...

Brave Young Men 0

Brave Young Men

Steve Coogan is producing a British version of the 1990s time traveling series Quantum Leap.  Tom Basden, British comedy writer and member of the two-man show Cowards, will play the main character, school teacher...

Star Wars MMORP 0

Star Wars MMORP

MMORP is Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing game.  It’s one of those vampire games that is SO Huge and SO involved that it drains your live away and you don’t have time to do...

Millennium Falcon Sled 0

Millennium Falcon Sled

  This is from Gizmodo.  “You may never fly the Millennium Falcon with a Wookie by your side, but at least you can fly down a hill on a rough approximation of the famous...

Spencer’s TransAMbition II 6

Spencer’s TransAMbition II

heh heh hehehe, guess what I’ve been doing?  Why I’ve been making a sequel to the video that won me the Bandit!!!  COMING SOON!!!! (i hope) by

The Force Stops you Hosers 2

The Force Stops you Hosers

Remember the part in Strange Brew when they’re playing hockey and all the guys are under mind control and they stop before slamming into the goalie?  Anyway, here’s the 12 days of Christmas coming...

Hey Cory did we sing it right? 4

Hey Cory did we sing it right?

I wrote before about the A capella tribute to John Williams  LIP SYNCED by Corey Vidal.  I researched the song a bit and found out that the band responsible for the song that Corey...