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PreQuel Magazine 1

PreQuel Magazine

I went EgoSurfing yesterday.  (The practice of  typing ones own name into a search engine to see how many times it appears is also called Googling Yourself, but that just doesn’t sound right.)  I...

Jerry’s Audio-Video 0

Jerry’s Audio-Video

I wrote a bit last week about how great it was to make some friends at Jerry’s Audio-Video.  They had this huge 103″ Plasma screen that they showed my video on 2 or 3...



The auction was a great success.  I had a great time with the whole experience and ended up learning a thing or two.  At the last possible moment I decided to go over to...

Spencer’s TransAMbition II is live! 2

Spencer’s TransAMbition II is live!

It’s been a long time coming but here’s the sequel to my Bandit winning video.  Special thanks go out to Burt Reynolds, the team and YearOne, the DIY Network, and  I also want...

More Emotions 3

More Emotions

I came home to a sad little girl yesterday.  When I found out that she was crying because she sad that I was selling the Bandit, I decided to let her explain in her...

Mixed Emotions 1

Mixed Emotions

Before After It’s been a strange mix of emotions for me the past few weeks.  I’ve really enjoyed having the Bandit, and the new video is looking AWESOME, but in the end it’s just...

Russo and Steele 0

Russo and Steele

  SUNDAY the 18th Lot #836 at Aproximately 2:48PM.   To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit, YearOne has teamed the star and the car together again with a modern performance...

The Bandit on the Auction Block 2

The Bandit on the Auction Block

Well it’s been a good run.  I’ve really enjoyed having the car.  So here’s a re-cap of the events.  Back in October of 2007 I saw the video below promoting a contest to win...

Spencer’s TransAMbition II 6

Spencer’s TransAMbition II

heh heh hehehe, guess what I’ve been doing?  Why I’ve been making a sequel to the video that won me the Bandit!!!  COMING SOON!!!! (i hope) by

The Bandit 0

The Bandit

We’re closing in on the 1 year anniversary of the video contest that I entered to win the Bandit.  I hope that I have time to put a few things together for the anniversary...