The Bandit on the Auction Block

Well it’s been a good run.  I’ve really enjoyed having the car.  So here’s a re-cap of the events.  Back in October of 2007 I saw the video below promoting a contest to win a Trans Am rebuilt as a modern Hot Rod by YearOne Automotive with the help of Burt Reynolds.

 I think that I was more interested in entering the contest because it was a video contest, and not because I really wanted to own the Bandit.  All I had to do was to make a video and tell Burt why I deserve it.  I’d been shooting wedding videos for a few years and thought it sounded like fun.  So I got to thinking about what to do, I drew up some storyboards and then went out on the morning of Thanksgiving and the day after to shoot some video.  I edited it all together and posted the video the following Monday.  It felt AWESOME to have an idea and then to follow it through.  As of this morning the video has had 13,372 views on the’s website.  I’ve decided to upload it to YouTube and embed it below.

This car is one of only TWO prototype level cars and the only car that was given away in a contest.  The plan was to make 50-100 of these Burt Reynolds Edition Bandit cars.  You can select and customize your options for the Ban II and the Ban III level cars, but the prototype level car is not part of the production line.  These cars can be purchased through the YearOne website and they start at $129,900.00.

The contest was part of a TV show on the DIY Network that chronicled the rebuilding of the Bandit.  It was announced on the show in December of 2007 that I had won the car.  It was delivered in January of 2008 along with a check for $20,000.00 to HELP pay the taxes on the car.  The car that I won is valued at $80,000.00 so the taxes are going to be quite staggering.  I figured that I had until 2009 to pay the taxes so I would enjoy the car for a year and take it to shows and have some fun.

On January 11th, 2008, one week after the car was delivered I was laid off.  A month later I found a temp job that lasted for almost 3 months.  I’ve been picking up short contract jobs here and there and have been making ends meet, and have had some wonderful opportunities but I’ve had to dip into that tax money.  I really have LOVED having the car, but I realize that I’m not in a place in my life where I can afford to have that car.  It stresses me out to worry that something will happen to it.  The car has it’s own garage and it’s behind the RV gate, but what if the kids get in there and draw smiley faces on the door with nails?   ARRRGGGG!!!!!

I’ve decided to put the car up for auction.  My first thought was to go with the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale because it’s such a big deal.  Then I realized why it’s a big deal, there’s no reserve price on the cars.  So if there was only one bidder on the car it could sell for $5,000.00 and that would be the end of it.  I don’t really feel like gambling the car away.  I have gone with Russo and Steele because I can put a reserve on the car.  I’m new to this whole car collecting industry and have heard good things about Russo and Steele.  I take the car into the show this Sunday January the 11th (strangely ironic that I would be taking the car into auction ONE YEAR to the DAY of when I was laid off).  I’ll know soon after what the program schedule will be and when the Bandit will go across the auction block.  The Auction is January 14th-18th 2009.  Please pass on the information to let everybody know.

SB Family-189

SB Family-203SB Family-181SB Family-195SB Family-183


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2 Responses

  1. Clint says:

    That stinks that you have to give it up. I hope things go well at the auction.

  2. Janet Taysom says:

    Good Luck! hopefully someone with a Smokey and the Bandit fetish will drop by the auction!!

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