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I went EgoSurfing yesterday.  (The practice of  typing ones own name into a search engine to see how many times it appears is also called Googling Yourself, but that just doesn’t sound right.)  I found the interview I did after Comic-Con last year.  I had asked for a copy of the article when it was published but I never saw it.

PreQuel is a bi-yearly publication and a blog that covers art, fashion, and style.  I’m pretty impressed with the layout and style of the magazine, and I’m sorry that I didn’t keep up with them so that I could have show off their work sooner.  I was interviewed by Carlye Rafanan who is the editor/creative director at PreQuel Magazine.  Here’s the images from the article, and the pdf can be downloaded here.



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  1. Clint says:

    Looks good!

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