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The Weather Outside is Frightful 0

The Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s only about 46 degrees here in Arizona, so it’s really not THAT frightful.  I did however have to put on a long sleeve shirt with my shorts.  To help get me in that...

Orlando Calrissian 0

Orlando Calrissian

One of my friends over at the RebelScum forums just pointed out the connections between the Star Wars Celebration V (tee hee), Orlando Florida, the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and then I added Orlando Bloom to...

That’s My Boy 3

That’s My Boy

Sometimes when I look back at baby pictures of my kids, it’s hard to tell which baby I’m looking at.  They all look so similar!  It’s equally entertaining to compare photos of me as...

Mother’s Day Project 8

Mother’s Day Project

For those of you who may not know it, I have the best wife ever!  She has kept me organized and on the straight and narrow for 13 years now.  She further proved how...

Good Morning ER 2

Good Morning ER

The alarm went off at 6AM.  I stumbled into the bathroom to put on my work clothes and head out to clean the pool.  I could hear my 2 year old open and close...

Seasoned Youth 4

Seasoned Youth

Reid Richards aka Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four makes gray hair pretty cool with those racing stripes running right above his ears.  I’ve noticed that I’m getting more and more gray hair, but...

More Tilt Shift 0

More Tilt Shift

Speaking of Stormtroopers… I saw this post on Gizmodo (via the Star Wars Blog) about some new tilt shift photos.  I wrote about tilt shift in an earlier post, but the idea is to...

Hot Rodin’ Vader 1

Hot Rodin’ Vader

I’m all done with my Hot Rod auction and I’ll be writing about my experience shortly.  Here’s a little photo I found at Jalopnx to hold you over. by