Good Morning ER

The alarm went off at 6AM.  I stumbled into the bathroom to put on my work clothes and head out to clean the pool.  I could hear my 2 year old open and close my bedroom door.  Then I heard him trip and fall and cry.  With my wife and baby still sleeping I rushed out and scooped him up to snuggle him back to sleep in my bed (besides, he was up too early).  Then I felt the blood.  I hollered to my wife, “HEAD WOUND!”  and rushed back to the bathroom.I grabbed a clean washcloth (heh a WHITE one) and started to apply direct pressure.  We got a little ice on it but it looked pretty bad.  We went downstairs to comfort him by watching the Spectacular Spider-Man while we found a butterfly bandaid to pull the wound back together.
Everything seemed to be going fine, but when I dropped off some of the kids for school I noticed the bandaid was slipping.We stopped off at a friend’s house (THANKS WENDY) and put on some sterile strip tape to seal things up.  We decided that it might be to large of a wound to just tape.  It turns out that our pediatrician doesn’t do stitches so we went to the ER.We got there and there was NO ONE WAITING!  I was thrilled.  So here we are getting ready to go see the doctor.  Note the Spider-Man Bandaid right in the middle of his head is just a comfort bandaid.  😀


We had our vitals checked and then watched Curious George.


We had to take off the sterile strips and then start to numb the area for the stitches.


I laid down and held him with the help of one of the attendees.


and now we’re all better!  Right now he’s sitting with me in my office watching the Clone Wars Cartoons on my iPod while I type.  I’ve got a feeling this boy is going to be spoiled a little bit for the next few days.


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2 Responses

  1. Chrissy says:

    Poor boy! I hope the rest of the week is less eventful for your family!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh… remind him that his aunty wants to take him shopping at the lego store… maybe that will distract him??

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