The Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s only about 46 degrees here in Arizona, so it’s really not THAT frightful.  I did however have to put on a long sleeve shirt with my shorts.  To help get me in that wintery holiday spirit my friend Jeff pointed me to Gizmodo for some wonderful photographs taken by a guy from Helsinki, Finland who goes by Avanaut over on Flickr.  He has combined Lego, Star Wars, Hoth, and some wonderful photographic techniques to make this photo simply irresistible.

I believe that this image is created all in camera. No fixing it later, no adding the snow in photoshop, just point and click. Well, it’s not really that easy. From the explanation on the Flixr page, the photographer has taken an old transparent CD storage box, filled it with some water and added a lightbox for lighting. He then put a gray Lego baseplate in the bottom and glued it down so the Legos wouldn’t float.  With the Lego in the water, he used reacted plaster of Paris to simulate the snow falling. Check out this behind the scenes photo. Simply brilliant!

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