Missile Mouse by Jake Parker

Long before I’d ever heard of Jake Parker I was a fan of the artwork created by Agent 44.  I felt like Lois Lane when I finally connected the dots and found that these two were the same person!

I feel a certain kinship to Jake.  You see, he’s doing the things that I wanted to do.  He got that job at the animation studio and used the opportunity to learn everything he could.  He realized early on that the only work that is going to be steady is the work that you make for yourself.  He’s taken all of this talent and all connections and has put it together in his very first solo graphic novel. The following video was put together by Darren Rawlings.

you can hear the podcast below or click on the image to visit the site.


You can also head over toAmazon and pre-order this book.  I’ve got mine!

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  1. October 25, 2010

    […] like a video or a wallpaper, or print image, and then put it on the net.  Remember the awesome Missle Mouse Comic?  So with that said, I’m doing my part to promote a project that I think is pretty cool (and […]

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