Star Wars, The Old Republic

Last night when I watched this video there had been just over 300 views.  This morning there are over 20,000!  Way to go internet!!!  ;] 

3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films, the Sith are out to destroy the Jedi and you can be part of it. This video trailer is for a Massively Multiplayer Game. Players’ choices in the game will permanently open or close storylines and affect players’ non-player character companions. Wow! Does anybody else remember when this technology went by the name “Choose-your-own-Adventure book”? 😀

Listen closely around to the audio around 2:40-41 when the Jedi jumps over the red lightsaber. I’ve always thought that the powers that these guys used came from force and not from Steve Austin’s Bionics.

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  1. Ian says:

    Yeah I watched this last night…. It looks great. I think that is the noise from the saber and not from his jump 😛

  1. June 15, 2010

    […] scene, but the Star Wars massively multiplayer online game looks fantastic!  I wrote about it here when the game trailer premiered at the Electronics Entertainment Expo last year.  I guess these […]

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