Beatles Themed Artbook print 03

Here it is.  The Third and final print for the art book, and this one’s the BIG one.  In this image we have the exiled Prospero and his daughter Miranda who have taken control of the island and it’s native inhabitants through magic. You can see the cowering native Caliban and in the background the ship that was sunk by the magic called upon in the play the Tempest.The Beatles song is “Do you want to know a Secret”.


*note* A Tempest is a killer wind, like a toxic gas

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5 Responses

  1. Spencer says:

    Richard? You mean Caliban. The name “Caliban” is an anagram of the Spanish word canibal, also the source of the English word “cannibal”. Canibal comes from Christopher Columbus’ designation Caniba for the Caribs (Island Carib or Kalinago people, after whom the Caribbean Sea was named).

    I think that anagrams are interesting…

  2. Tridus says:

    Not sure if it was intentional or not – but the character similiarities with another “Lost” island are striking!

  3. Spencer says:

    I’m compiling all three of these prints into one poster titled, “The Lost Shakespearian Ballads”

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