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The Clone Wars have ended 0

The Clone Wars have ended

I finished up all of the sketch cards for Star Wars:Clone Wars.  I really enjoyed this set!  I’ll be posting some images after the set is approved and hits the shelves. by

New Clone Wars trailer 0

New Clone Wars trailer

I would recommend going HERE and downloading the HD version to see the perfect version of this trailer. Here’s the youTube version to tide you over. by

Clone Wars Sketches 2

Clone Wars Sketches

So I can’t show any actual cards until the set is released, but I’ve been working on a set of 106 sketch trading cards for the new Clone Wars movie.  I took the kids...

Star Wars Weekends 0

Star Wars Weekends

Recently George Lucas was quoted as saying that he controls what happens in the movies and that the other stuff ie the books and comics etc. he really doesn’t have anything to do with....

Bounty Hunter 3

Bounty Hunter

So, it looks like I’m going to Japan. I got an email from Lucasfilm saying; “Now that our Art Show lineup is almost confirmed, I would like to start publicizing both you and your...

Project Update 0

Project Update

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks! I’d been planning on entering the Star Wars Fan movie challenge for awhile now. I did some tests with the animation style I wanted, designed the...

Celebration Japan Creatures 1

Celebration Japan Creatures

If you blinked when Han shot Greedo (Han shot first) you may have missed out on the reaction from Momaw Nadon the Ithorian listlessly spending his time in exile after revealing secrets of Itorian...