Celebration Japan Creatures in color

and now in color!




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3 Responses

  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    So Spencer, I was noticing the quality of your images from the sketches to the colored in images, and the paper/white background quality changes to the pristine white color… Just curious how you are capturing the different images or if its just digital enhancement from an original scan??? I have got to purchase a new scanner or I should say a new all-in-one since mine has somehow become worthless due to a smearing of some kind of substance on the underneath inside of the scanner glass from the continual passes of the scaner capturing device… I think it is some sort of grease. My new pass time = blogging in the comments of other peoples blogs… So anyway… one of these days you are going to have to let me watch you while you work so I can pick up some of your tricks and trade secrets. I lack complete artistic talent… so you wouldn’t have to worry there… I am more curious about your flash animation skills and techniques you use in photoshop… I have been anal retentive lately about the final appearance of a new “template” I am creating for my family website and I have decided there has got to be a smarter way to manipulating all the pixels into submission simultaneously instead of 1 pixel at a time… I read about Adobe Illustrator (somewhere) being more of the tool for creation and Photoshop being the tool for manipulating that which has been created in Illustrator. Enlighten me…. shutting up….

  2. Spencer says:

    As I’m nearing the end of this poster, I plan on posting a step-by-step of the process I go through. Basically, because I know that I’m going to re-draw the sketch, I’m not too concerned about the quality of the “scan”. I don’t actually own a scanner. I just take a quick shot of the sketch with my digital camera and use that as the reference for the illustration. Both Illustrator and Flash are vector based drawing programs. So I take a photo of the hand drawn sketch, re-draw it in Flash, and then bring it into Photoshop for lighting effects.

  3. Jeremy Smith says:

    Very Cool! I guess one of my true hobbies (besides video games) has always been graphics design but I become so easily sidetracked by all the technology in the world… Can I get a Gadget Please? (sung to the tune of (Can I get a napkin please”)

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