Celebration Japan Creatures

If you blinked when Han shot Greedo (Han shot first) you may have missed out on the reaction from Momaw Nadon the Ithorian listlessly spending his time in exile after revealing secrets of Itorian agricultural technology to the Galactic Empire. I feel that I’ve captured his expression perfectly.


Note the reaction of his colleague Trinto Duaba the Stennes Shifter from Stennaros who could use the force to disguise his appearance to blend into crowds and go unnoticed so that he can turn lawbreakers and other criminals over to Imperial authorities.


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  1. July 4, 2008

    […] to 250 and can only be purchased in Japan.  I sketched out the characters (Greedo, Wuher, and some creatures) and then redrew them and colored them in Flash.  I wanted to have an original piece for the art […]

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