Project Update

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks! I’d been planning on entering the Star Wars Fan movie challenge for awhile now. I did some tests with the animation style I wanted, designed the logo, and started playing with Google Sketchup for the backgrounds. I started working in earnest on the film festival after the Marketing Coordinator at AtomFilms sent me an email inviting me to submit an entry. (Interestingly enough, she said that they’d been poking around online and found my clone wars cartoon on my website.)

So, I basically started the animation at the beginning of April knowing that the deadline was May 27th. I then got sidetracked at the end of April when I was invited to submit a poster for Star War Celebration Japan. 2008 is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars opening in Japan AND this is the first year that they’ve had a convention in Japan. SO I started working on the poster. I sent in a rough sketch of my concept on May 14th and it was approved. I then moved on and finished the color version on Tuesday May 20th and sent in the color version to them. I need to submit some paperwork, but I’ve reserved my table with the convention center in Japan.

THEN I started back on the animation project! 😀

I had less than a week to complete it AND I did it! With less than 12 hours to spare, I submitted my animation to the Fan Movie challenge. Once the video in processed and approved I’ll put a link up to it. I hope I win one of these beauties!

Golden Idols

I believe that the categories are; Action, Short Subject, Animation, Comedy, Fan Fiction, Audience Choice, and the George Lucas Select Award. Audience voting will begin June 26th.

I’m finishing up some contract work and still looking for full time work.

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