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The Empire Muggs Back Auction Ended 0

The Empire Muggs Back Auction Ended

I haven’t heard any final numbers yet on the charity event for the Make-A-Wish foundation, but I am pleased that people liked my Mighty Mugg enough to bid on it.  After 23 bids, Aayla...

Shadow Box Commission 4

Shadow Box Commission

Here are some images from a newly completed Shadow Box Commission.  This one-of-a-kind piece of art is made of hand drawn illustrations and backgrounds composited onto individual pieces of acrylic in a 2.5″ deep...

Jedi Song 0

Jedi Song

It’s kinda fun to see that Lucasfilm and the Cartoon Network can have a little fun with Star Wars.  Check out this music video advertisement for the new season of Clone Wars.  I believe...

Zazzle Sale 0

Zazzle Sale

Zazzle is having a back to school sale on their posters. Buy 1 Poster Get 1 FREE! (50% off 2+ posters) Use code: BTSPOSTERS09 Also, when you click this link to go to the...

Star Wars Lego Armor 0

Star Wars Lego Armor

Not too much to post about today.  I just wanted to point you to an AWESOME Lego creation.  I found this over at SuperPunch and there’s more images to see on flickr.  I love Legos, and toys,...

Sketch Card Practice 0

Sketch Card Practice

Well, to help promote my new print and other projects I’ve jumped onto the RebelScum forums to give away some free sketch cards.  During the day I post a comment with the word “GO!”...

DIY Sound Effects 0

DIY Sound Effects

I found this today over at gizmodo and had to share. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. by