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Special Edition Dancer 3

Special Edition Dancer

As I’ve been working on the Nose Art series,  I thought that it would be fun to pay tribute to the Dancing girls of Jabba’s Palace.  I made the “Uh Oh Oola” give away print so...

Pit Crew 1

Pit Crew

Last Oct. at Star Wars Fan Days I had a jumbo sized post card that I gave out to the fans for free.  I made 100 cards and they went pretty quick.  The title...

Chicken or Egg? 1

Chicken or Egg?

I’m working on a project to make some toys.  I can design then, and write about them and even make cartoons about them.  I’m spending so much time working on the toys that I...

Star Wars, The Old Republic 2

Star Wars, The Old Republic

Last night when I watched this video there had been just over 300 views.  This morning there are over 20,000!  Way to go internet!!!  ;]  3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars...

Back in Action 0

Back in Action

So, let’s go ahead and start this month better than I ended last month.  I got a bit wrapped up in things and didn’t get around to posting anything new up here.  The good...

New Nose Art 0

New Nose Art

I got an email from a member of the rebelscum message boards the other day.  It turns out that he is a Marine getting ready to head out to Afghanistan and he’s really been...

Cute Tauntaun 0

Cute Tauntaun

SuperPunch reported that on July 18th the Bird and Bear Boutique will be hosting “Stitch Wars”, hand crafted goods inspired by Star wars.  Included in this show will be the fabulous plush Tauntaun by of Heidi Kenney.     by