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Sketch Card Contest I 0

Sketch Card Contest I

Over at the Rebelscum forums I ran a contest a contest and gave away some sketch cards. Here are a few of the cards that I made. by

Show Me the Munn-ey! 0

Show Me the Munn-ey!

I really wanted to use that pun to let you all know that I won the Olivia Munn contest, but alas I didn’t.  boo who.  Olivia is the co-host of the G4 show called...

Operation Olivia Update! 1

Operation Olivia Update!

So the winner is supposed to be announced tomorrow, but Olivia has narrowed the selection down to her top 6 choices.  They’ve only revealed 3 of the top 6 on the eve of the...

Operation Olivia part 2 0

Operation Olivia part 2

I’m not sure why, but the video uploaded to the site doesn’t play all the way to the end.  I hope that this won’t negatively impact my chances at winning the contest.  Here’s...

Operation Olivia 2

Operation Olivia has teamed up with G4 Co-Host Olivia Munn to create Operation Olivia. Star Wars Fan boys are giving the opportunity to pitch an idea for a short Star Wars Fan film. Olivia with...

Barclaycard Advert CONTEST!!! 0

Barclaycard Advert CONTEST!!!

Last November I wrote about an advertisement for the Barclaycard  (a cashless pay card that you wave at the register instead of sliding it through and entering your pin like an ATM card) that...