Operation Olivia

Atom.com has teamed up with G4 Co-Host Olivia Munn to create Operation Olivia. Star Wars Fan boys are giving the opportunity to pitch an idea for a short Star Wars Fan film. Olivia with be a judge awarding the winner $5,000.00 and six hours of her time to make the fan film a reality.

I worked over the weekend setting up a green screen, filmed on Monday, and edited it Tuesday and Wednesday night only to have it look like the video did work on the Atom site.  So in a mad dash, I created a new pitch and then uploaded it, only to find out that the original one WAS working.  *sigh*  Now we wait and see what happens next.

video 01

Livi A’Munn, True Hero of the Rebel Alliance

video 02

Livi A’Munn: True Hero of the Rebel Alliance

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2 Responses

  1. Bummer that both videos stop playing part way through. They look awesome.

  2. Spencer says:

    I was noticing that. I’ll have to post up the version that I put on YouTube.

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