This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.

Richard LeParmentier, who played Admiral Motti in Star Wars A New Hope, has written a screenplay about what happens to Admiral Motti after the Death Star Exploded.  This is a bit from his website.

“Some of the voice tracks and some of the sound effects have now been recorded.  Ken Colley has reprised his role as Captain Piett.  I voiced Motti and Jerome Blake, who does the best Vader impersonation, has recorded Vader.  Garrick Hagon and Jeremy Bulloch are lined up to do Troopers 3 and 4.  We plan to add more actors from the films.

If anyone can help with animation contacts or anything else please get in touch with me via the site.”

You’ll notice that he has lined up actors from the original movie and has asked for some help in the animation dept.  I think that I might be able to help.  Here’s a mock up that I did last night.


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2 Responses

  1. Clint says:

    Wow! You did that in a night huh? You’ve got to show me the tricks of the trade!

  2. Spencer says:

    I had been playing around with the sketches of the character before hand. So I had some ideas and pencil drawings and then I did all clean up and the coloring in one night.

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