Barclaycard Advert CONTEST!!!

Last November I wrote about an advertisement for the Barclaycard  (a cashless pay card that you wave at the register instead of sliding it through and entering your pin like an ATM card) that had a guy going through his daily routine while riding on a waterslide.  You can see the original post here.  Well it looks like they’ve had a bit of success with the ad and are now sponsoring a contest to make your own waterslide ad.  Unfortunately for me the contest is only open to residents of the UK 18 or older.  Entries close 8th March and voting begins on the 9th.

Because I had done such a stellar job of blogging about the original waterslide video, the contest organizers have given me access to a behind the scenes video.

Hear that?  That is the sound of anticipation….trickling away.  😀

and the contest video from youTube

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