The Clone Wars UNLEASHED

Tonight is the special advanced theatrical screening of the next 3 episodes of the Clone Wars.  This new story should give us a little more information about Asajj Ventress’ backstory as well as introduce us to Darth Maul’s brother Savage Oppress.  The video below is a short introduction of Savage Oppress.

While I’m not opposed to introducing new characters into the Star Wars story line, it does seem to be a bit odd that this new character happens to be the brother of the big bad guy from Star Wars episode I.  Another thing that I find interesting is the way that this new character seems to be bringing some new powers with him.  Powers that have not been seen yet in Star Wars.  This leads into a discussion about what is a “real” Canonized Star Wars story and what is simply the interpretation of a creator working outside the Star Wars universe.

I really enjoy seeing bits and pieces of stories considered to be outside of the “official” Star Wars universe finding they’re way into Star Wars the Clone Wars (there by validating them).  I’m expecting that tonight’s special showing of the Clone Wars will allude to part of Asajj Ventress’ story as told by Genndy Tartakovsky in the original Clone Wars animated series.  I’m equally excited to see Savage Oppress use some of the force powers as displayed in one of my video games “The Force Unleashed” as you can see in the video below.

Next we’ll have to discuss what it is that gives Savage Oppress and Starkiller such super force powers.

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  1. Charles Jones says:

    Awesome! When and where is the screening?

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