Fett is BACK!

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back opened in 1980 and introduced us to a Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett.  The masked mercenary was chided by the Dark Lord of the Sith saying, “No disintegrations this time” and we all knew there and then he was bad to the bone.  Through out the expanded Star Wars universe in comics and books we learned more and more about this mysterious figure, but it wasn’t until Star Wars Attack of the Clones in 2002 that we learned his true origins.  Now he’s back in the Clone Wars animated series  voiced by Daniel Logan who played the character on screen in 2002.

Back in November of 2007 I imagined what it would be like to have Boba Fett in his armor surrounded by his clone brothers.  I took created the image below and submitted it to Lucasfilm for licensing and was told that Boba Fett in armor had to appear as an adult and not a child.  I edited the image and it’s now available on Zazzle.


I’m also pretty excited that this upcoming story seems to follow along with the Boba Fett stories that I read a few years back and have him chasing down Mace Windu. The one thing that it seems to be lacking is some sort of memorable quote like, “You killed my Father! PREPARE TO DIE!” 😀

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