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Celebration Japan Travel 2

Celebration Japan Travel

All in all the trip wasn’t too bad.  I’m about ready to go to bed though!  Here are a few fun pictures before I sign off. It was nice to be welcomed to Japan,...

Big in Japan 1

Big in Japan

Hey everybody.  I made it to Japan and I’ve been down to check out the convention area.  I’m going to have some photos and hopefully some videos to upload soon, so stay tuned! by

Star art prints 0

Star art prints

I had an interview about my Celebration Japan Print posted on the Official Star Wars Blog, and now the artists prints are on the main site.  Go to here to read about it and...

Super Japan Exclusive! 0

Super Japan Exclusive!

Super designer Mark Ecko is bringing his own unique style to Celebration Japan. The zipper on the trooper hoodie goes all the way up and there’s a mesh built in for the eyes.  Check...

Celebration Japan Sketch Cards 0

Celebration Japan Sketch Cards

Along with my limited edition prints, I will have about 50 blank sketch cards with me to draw on at the convention.  In preparation, I’ve done a couple of test sketches and thought I’d...

Now, a word from our sponsor… 0

Now, a word from our sponsor…

“Official Star Wars artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III not only made this awesome print of Han and Greedo in the Cantina for his limited-edition Celebration Japan print called “Sorry About the Mess,” but he went...

Moisture farming 0

Moisture farming

The Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine is a self filling water cooler that extracts drinking water from the air.  Wonderful.  Info found at Red Ferret. by