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Future Firefighters 0

Future Firefighters

The Shooter fire extinguisher from Yanko Design makes me want to yell, “FIRE!”  heheh This Nerf inspired weapon extinguisher fires CO2 cartridges, has a laser guidance system to help you aim, and an alarm...

Video Magic 0

Video Magic

I’ve done some work with Photoshop, and some work with video, but this video that I found today is AMAZING!  To sum things up, these guys are working on a process that will allow...

PS3 Play TV 0

PS3 Play TV

This from  Some fun news about the way that the PS3 is doing something ELSE new.  HEY!  GUESS WHAT?!?!?  It plays video games TOO!  😀 “The PS3 is being pushed not only as...

Batman inspired items 0

Batman inspired items

I’m a big fan of Batman.  I knew that if I had the money and an adequate desire for vengeance, I could be Batman.  Now there are products on the market that can get...

Treadwall 2


Just when you thought that people were getting outdoors and exercising, somebody has found a way to bring it indoors.  More information at Brewer’s Ledge. [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”323″ width=”400″ /] by

Web Shows 0

Web Shows

I haven’t completely researched this yet but I find it fascinating.  I wanted to be an animator for Disney.  I interviewed and sent in portfolios and never made it.  I tried Fox Animation and...

PS3 Video Store is open 0

PS3 Video Store is open

Last night I walked into my neighborhood walmart to grab some ice cream.  I noticed that they had added a second red box DVD terminal.  If you’re not familiar with red box it’s pretty...

Google is making the future 1

Google is making the future

First, Google is working with Seth MacFarlane the creator of the TV show the Family Guy will create an animated Web-based series. There will be 50 Webisodes, each two minutes in length.  Seth MacFarlane’s...

Moisture farming 0

Moisture farming

The Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine is a self filling water cooler that extracts drinking water from the air.  Wonderful.  Info found at Red Ferret. by

Sphere of influence 0

Sphere of influence

I absolutely love that so many of us were inspired by Star Wars and other adventures.  I just saw an article on Wired about the ICT Graphics Lab at USC.  They have created a...