PS3 Video Store is open

Last night I walked into my neighborhood walmart to grab some ice cream.  I noticed that they had added a second red box DVD terminal.  If you’re not familiar with red box it’s pretty cool.  You walk up and look though the touch screen menu to find a DVD, swipe your card, and then you pay $1.00/night to rent it.  The line at the terminal had been getting pretty long so it made sense to put in a second unit.  Then, later that night I saw the BIG news.

This from PC world blog, the PS3 store is now offering video rentals, and purchase.  They’ve got a pretty good selection of movies and TV shows.  It looks like it costs $1.99 or so to rent, and I don’t know how long you get to “keep” the movie.  I’ll have to check it out see how it goes.

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