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Tesla’s Wireless Power 2

Tesla’s Wireless Power

Nikola Tesla’s early work pioneered modern electrical engineering.  He is best  known for many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1899 Telsa...

HP Touch Smart 0

HP Touch Smart

A commercial for the new HP Touch Smart came on and my son asked if that was an iPod computer.  Technology is really developing quickly, but I think what is even more impressive is...

Live Video Reporting on the Internet 0

Live Video Reporting on the Internet

Technology is AMAZING!  I just read that there is now live video streaming client for newer Blackberry phones.  You download the  Next2Friends client to your phone and use your camera to broadcast live events ...

What’s up Chuck? 2

What’s up Chuck?

I like Chuck.  I’ll be writing more about what I’m watching a bit later but I wanted to share this first thing.  This short video is made to exist with in the world of...

Cyberdyne is ONLINE 0

Cyberdyne is ONLINE

I remember when I was a kid being amazed by the possibilities that the future held.  I grew up watching the Transformers and Robotech and couldn’t wait to have my own robot.  There was...

Netflicks and Hulu on your PS3 0

Netflicks and Hulu on your PS3

Netflicks has been offering a download service for their movies for a little while now.  So instead of the movies simply coming to your mailbox they can come to your computer.  That’s pretty neat...

The Force Unleashed dialed up to 11 2

The Force Unleashed dialed up to 11

 This just in from the Star Wars site!  LucasArts has announced that two rounds of downloadable content will soon be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace to extend the playtime of...

T-Mobile G1 Android phone 0

T-Mobile G1 Android phone

Gizmodo is going to be live blogging about this thing all day!  Here’s a video of the interface in action. by

Life with Playstation 1

Life with Playstation

I remember seeing those futuristic movies where the guy would wake up and his house would greet him and then tell him what the weather was going to be like.  As he would walk...

Android invasion 2

Android invasion

Reuters reported this morning that an expected launch announcement from T-mobile and Google was expected September 23rd in New York City.  I haven’t been following this too closely, but I’m interested in seeing what...