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Audio Collage – the Art of Sampling 1

Audio Collage – the Art of Sampling

Sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a different sound recording of a song. Music, and especially jazz, has always... 0

I don’t watch broadcast tv anymore, but I do enjoy their programing.  I hear about new shows or old shows from friends and then I download and watch them.  I don’t pay complete attention...

Canon 5D Mark II 0

Canon 5D Mark II

The new Canon 5D Mark II is a pretty awesome camera.  It retails for $2700.00, which is quite a lot of money for a camera, but the results a remarkable.  I’m not a big...

POP Entertainment Vending Machine 0

POP Entertainment Vending Machine

When I was in Japan (15 years ago) I was surprised by the different types of vending machines they had.  You could buy food, beer, batteries, and even underwear.  Well it seems that our...

G1 at Walmart 0

G1 at Walmart

According to the Dow Jones Report, Walmart will start selling the new T-mobile G1 today.  I have been a T-mobile customer for the past 2 years and have some credit to spend on a...

The Androids have landed 0

The Androids have landed

Love it or hate it, the new T-moblie G1 phone is here.  This phone is supposed to be the iPhone killer.  T-mobile is claiming that they have pre-sold 1.5 million phone making it’s debut...

Time to Update your PS3 0

Time to Update your PS3

Flash 9 support for the PS3’s web browser is now available in the latest update.  I’ll be testing this as soon as it’s done dowloading, but this means that HULU and other online video...