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The other day I was listening to a podcast called This Week in Media.  One of the reoccurring themes of this media podcast is the conversation about the future of TV.  When my family got a VCR I was amazed by the ability to set it up to record a show that I wasn’t around to watch.  I could then watch it at my leisure and even fast forward through the commercials.  This process is now called time shifting.  The TV show is available on MY schedule, and the idea of rushing home to see a show is not quite as relevant as it once was.

Well, now things have gone digital.  If you miss a show, there’s a good chance that it’s available for you to watch on the Internet.  It seems like all the major networks have an online video service and with the AppleTV and Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, you can now connect your TV to the internet through these consoles.  Now with everybody wanting to have an internet presence for their TV shows, it seems like things are getting a bit muddled.  It’s always been so easy to just sit in front of the TV and surf the channels, but how do you surf through the World Wide Web to find a show to watch?  You go to YouTube.

YouTube seemed to just be a dumping ground for user created video.  Now they’re supporting HD content AND they have a section for SHOWS and MOVIES.  You can watch all seven seasons of MacGuyver or the first season of The Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon.  How about the 1968 film Inspector Clouseau staring Alan Arkin in place of Peter Sellers.  Or how about the 1967 film Casio Royale starring David Niven, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and a chimpanzee as James Bond.

All this time I thought that the built in inclusion of YouTube on the iPhone and Playstation3 and other media devices was just a waste of time.  Now I see that it is all so that we can watch TV where ever and whenever we want to.

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    Thanks for writing this.

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