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In other Internet Radio news, I was asked to join in a round table discussion on the Star Wars Fan Podcast the ForceCast.  We were discussing last week’s episode of the Clone Wars titled “Landing at Point Rain”.  You can hear this special roundtable podcast as well as the weekly ForceCast and the IndyCast at

Special thanks go out to Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac for asking me to be on the show as well as our other guest Paul Bateman from Ralph

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2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Hey Spencer – nice insight on the Podcast (I’m a regular listener). I hope you get invited back for more, as it’s nice to have an artist representing the community. Not to mention the fact that the Clone Wars is a pretty big deal to people like us in general. You know, the first time you appeared on the force cast, I went out to your website to check into your work. So I guess it helps draw a bit of traffic to what you do 🙂

    By the way, I added a couple more clone wars inspired vehicular art to my blog. Criticism is welcome (it’s a bit different style than your amazing work).

  2. Spencer says:

    thanks! I felt a little unprepared my first time as a guest, so I was sure to really watch and read about the episode. I liked being on the show, but I wish I would have had a few minutes at the end to give a shameless plug for some of the stuff I’m working on. *shrugs* I’ll get the word out there.

    I think the idea of putting Rex with a Monster truck is pretty funny. It seems to oddly fit him doesn’t it? 😀

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