The Force Unleashed…MOVIE!

Sorry about the attention getting headlines, but I really would like to see this movie, and now I can… kinda.  I am big fan of the video game The Force Unleashed.  I liked it so much that I wanted to record every video and some of the gameplay and string it all together to make a movie (which is something that I actually did for the Star Wars Bounty Hunter game).

As I’ve been looking into these fan edits of movies, I came across a fan that had put together the scenes from the video game and made a DVD with chapters and intros and everything, but it’s in a PAL format.  I’ll have to figure something out so I can see how it looks.

The other thing that I really love about these fan edits it the DVD box art.  I’ve attached the image from the Force Unleashed movie and a different take on the original Star Wars movie.  You can explore this yourself over at

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2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    I’d enjoy seeing the bounty hunter movie you made. I liked that game, but it was pretty tough towards the end. Another star wars game that I thought did a nice job of creating the environments of the movies, and telling an interesting story, was Jedi Academy. I’d be curious why the above guy made his movie from footage off the wii – for a more realistic look, the 360 or PS3 would have better graphics. Of course, I think we’re all waiting for a shadows of the empire film.

  2. Spencer says:

    Yeah, I thought that the Wii was a poor choice for the source graphics for the movie. I got pretty good at the Bounty Hunter game and I was able to zip through the whole thing while recording the cut scenes and some gameplay. I recorded it on my VCR and used 2 tapes! I don’t think the quality would be good enough to share. Besides, it looks like that story may be re-written by the new history in the clone wars animated series.

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