Fan Days II wrap up…finally

This took a lot longer than I expected, but here’s the wrap up to the Fan Days II convention that took place in Plano Texas last month.

On the first day I decided that I would be in costume, well I guess it wasn’t much of a costume.  I think that I was asked if I was Boy Scout, or a park Ranger more than any one thought that I was a Clone Wars Officer.  So here I am with Rebel Scum forum member deathstar1000.  Great Biker Scout Daniel!


I didn’t get to go around a take a ton of pictures at the event, but here are a few of the other artists that were there. 

David Rabbitte, Chris Trevas, Ben Jones (and his wife),


Randy Martinez, Jason Sobol, Robert Hendrickson,


 and Steve Anderson


Sorry that I didn’t get a shot of everyone that was there.  As thing wrapped up on Saturday night we all got on the bus and went over to eat a Philip Wise’s shop for BBQ and to check out his collection.  You may have seen some of his collection on  It would appear that Philip is very serious about having the right tools in his shop.  I took a few shots of an R2 unit he was making as well as a Dejarik table.


There were quite a few people there, and poor Chris had to sit in the school chair.


This photo of Director Irvin Kershner, Jeremy Bulloch, and Dave Prowse, was hanging on the wall.


 Here’s Dave Prowse and I just hanging out, (with Matthew Wood sneaking in the shot).


We had plenty to  eat and then we went up to see the collection.




 Han in Carbonite is the door to get into the home theater equipment.  In the next photo I’m holding a miniature  George Lucas in Carbonite.  😀


 A movie accurate Boba Fett costume was made and presented to Jeremy Bulloch.  When that costume was made there was actually a second one made and this is it.


  I have to admit, Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) was much nicer than Princess Leia.  😀



  From Left to right (bottom) we have Matt Busch and Randy Martinez.  Then we on the top row is Mark McHaley, Denise Vasquez, Matt Wood, and Leeanna Walsman.  The funny thing was that we sat down in the theater and started to watch the Clone Wars Episode from previous week.


  Then here is are host with the voice of Yoda from the Clone Wars Cartoon Tom Kane.


I turns out that Tom is a fan of muscle cars and had watched the whole series on the rebuilding of the Bandit.  He came by my table Sunday morning and I gave him my autograph.  😀


 I then went around and caught up on a few more photo ops with the celebrities.


 Robert Watts producer of Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies.


 Ori Shoshan played Shaak Ti.


 Matt Wood  the voice of General Grevious and Amy Allen who was Aayla Secura.


 And Erin Grey, l Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers.  😀






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