Star Wars: Revisited

I really need to research this a bit more, but here’s what I know so far. After the release of the fan made version of Star Wars The Phantom Menace, (lovingly referred to as The Phantom Edit) there began to be more full movie and movie trailers being re-edited. Why edit the movie? Well, sometimes are memories of the movie experience are better than the movie, and sometimes simply because we think we could do better.

I saw a Facebook group dedicated to a guy calling himself Adywan who has re-edited Star Wars A New Hope. Incase you didn’t notice, I kinda love that movie, and think that it can stand the test of time, BUT, I was curious. I read a bit about how he re-edited scenes, added music, added planets and new special effects. Then I watched a bit of it and well, I liked it!

Here’s a YouTube Trailer for Star Wars: Revisited

Here’s a YouTube side by side comparison of the Attack on the Death Star

I wonder if Greedo shoots first in the cantina scene? 😀

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