Live Video Reporting on the Internet

Technology is AMAZING!  I just read that there is now live video streaming client for newer Blackberry phones.  You download the  Next2Friends client to your phone and use your camera to broadcast live events  for your family, friends or the entire Next2Friends community to watch in real-time!  This is not a new idea.  I’ve heard of another service called QIK that does the same thing.

Most of the video that is captured by these services is not very interesting at all, but it’s the possiblities that are so amazing.  I really wanted to get this service running on my phone for my trip to Star Wars Celebration Japan.  I imagined that I would be wandering around the event and see something amazing and I would just pull out my phone and capture a video.  The video is stored on the servers and available IMEDIATELY.  Pretty fancy.

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