Batman inspired items

I’m a big fan of Batman.  I knew that if I had the money and an adequate desire for vengeance, I could be Batman.  Now there are products on the market that can get me even closer to these goals.

The Batman Handbook.  This will get you training right. find it here.


This is the Nike Ultimate Ignition V-neck top.  It features a seamless, dynamic fit and engineered/zoned cooling AND it’s designed to add emphasis to muscles.  This is much better than the t-shirt with the muscles just printed on it.  You can get it here.

Now, I don’t drink.  When I was at ComicCon I was noticing that there were a couple of people that had a beer in each hand.  I asked if they were holding it for a friend or if they were just heavy drinkers.  They explained to me that they were stocking up for last call.  This next Batman inspired gear if for all the last calls out there.  You can find it here.

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