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I spend the majority of my working time in front of a computer connected to the internet.  I LOVE the idea of having an iPhone, but I feel like it’s a lot of technology that would go unused because I’m never too far from my computer.  Also, the majority of my family is on a T-Mobile plan so we have free mobile to mobile calling.  That being said, there are some new uses for the iPhone that I am REALLY liking.  I am working on building up my online network through this blog, YouTube, and Facebook.  When I’m away from my computer at conventions, I’d like to stay connected and the iPhone seems to be trying to make that all possible.

1.  Connect to Facebook through the iPhone and update status.  One of these days I may even start to twitter.

2.  Take photos and now video with an internet access on the phone to upload to YouTube and flickr and then blog about it… on the phone.  *YouTube is now connected to Facebook to automatically post your YouTube videos on your Facebook page if you choose.

3.   New developments with the Ustream app mean that live streaming video BROADCASTING from the iPhone may be right around the corner.

4.  With iSwipe, iTouch2Pay and the new Square Credit card reader it is now possible to take credit card purchases while I’m at a convention.  If I don’t want to use these, I suppose I could just allow people to use the phone to access their payPal accounts.

5.  With the changes to in new media, I could be creating my own comic books to deliver through the Apple Store as well as my own animated shows, video podcasts and of course animated games.

I need somebody to send me a free iPhone3G S to test all of this stuff out on ok?  😀

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