Viral Marketing

There’s a new marketing tool raging through the internets.  Video.  Video so good, so inspiring, so odd, that you can’t NOT share it with your friends and family and of course your own social networking crowd.  More often than not the product is completely obscured and seems to have no relevance to the video, but no one cares because the video is so FUN!  😀  I’m not sure if it’s real, but here is the philosophy behind the Megawoosh project.  (Rumor has it that these videos are somehow related to the Microsoft project management tools.)  Austrian engineer Bruno Kammerl explains that he has always loved slides and he wants to share that love, he wants us to feel the joy that he feels.

Now that you’ve heard him explain why he did it, let’s watch and feel the exhilaration and joy of his accomplishments.

here’s a post that claims it’s all a fake, I like to think it’s real.  ;]

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3 Responses

  1. Spencer says:

    yup, the Megawoosh site is now re-branded with a slew of ads for Microsoft Office products.

  1. September 14, 2009

    […] mean to be viral marketing.  The difference between this one and the one I wrote about earlier is that this video was not created to market anything, it was a fun video that caught fire on the […]

  2. September 21, 2009

    […] creating a viral video is to somehow hid the sponsorship or message in the video (just like the MegaWoosh).  BMW didn’t need to hide their message in their video, they FLAUNTED it, and the message […]

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