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Details to Follow…soon 0

Details to Follow…soon

I really did want to have some more information to share, but things got a bit crazy today.  I’m preparing a new mini poster to have at the San Diego Comic-Con with some new...

More Special Edition 0

More Special Edition

This post is even more special-er!  😀  Here are a few more new images that I’ve been working on in my series of Nose Art and Star Wars.   by

Graffiti Practice & Lunch Safety 0

Graffiti Practice & Lunch Safety

As I was checking out the Blog at PreQuel magazine I found that Awesome sketchbook.  The Walls Notebook is a sketchbook with 80 “clean” New York City walls to write, draw, or doodle on.  You can practice...

PreQuel Magazine 1

PreQuel Magazine

I went EgoSurfing yesterday.  (The practice of  typing ones own name into a search engine to see how many times it appears is also called Googling Yourself, but that just doesn’t sound right.)  I...

Special Edition Dancer 3

Special Edition Dancer

As I’ve been working on the Nose Art series,  I thought that it would be fun to pay tribute to the Dancing girls of Jabba’s Palace.  I made the “Uh Oh Oola” give away print so...

Pit Crew 1

Pit Crew

Last Oct. at Star Wars Fan Days I had a jumbo sized post card that I gave out to the fans for free.  I made 100 cards and they went pretty quick.  The title...

The White Album 2

The White Album

On February 7th, 1964 The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite ran a story about The Beatles’ United States arrival in which the correspondent said “The British Invasion this time goes by the code...