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The Secret to the Secret 2

The Secret to the Secret

So after posting yesterday’s pencil sketch I thought I would show a little more about the process that I’ve been using for these new prints.  erase the pencils a bit, ink and scan.  ...

Do You Want to Know a Secret? 0

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Here is a rough for two of the characters in my second choice for the Beatles Themed Artbook.  Can you guess the play?  “Do you want to know a secret?” by

Beatles Themed Artbook 1

Beatles Themed Artbook

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to contribute 3 prints to an Artbook that will be sold at the San Diego ComicCon.  You can see an artist list here.  To give...

I Know… 2

I Know…

When Princess Leia confessed her love to Han Solo as he was being dropped into the Carbon Freezing chamber he returned her affections with the statement, “I know”.  ;] I’ve posted a few images...

Chewbacca in Color 2

Chewbacca in Color

Here’s an update with the color version of Chewbacca.  I colored the characters normal and then am experimenting with color tinting in Photoshop.   by

Work in Progress 2

Work in Progress

I’m not quite sure how this whole piece is going to come together yet, but I thought that I’d post the drawing that I did today.  I’m preparing to be at the San Diego...

Jaxxon the Star Wars Rabbit 0

Jaxxon the Star Wars Rabbit

Jaxxon was created for use in Marvel Star Wars’ Star Wars 8: Eight for Aduba-3. This big bunny was created in homage to Warner Brothers cartoon star Bugs Bunny who often addressed strangers with...