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Frodo & Sam….bff 0

Frodo & Sam….bff

I was looking at some of the characters in the Fellowship of the StinkBugs print that I did and it just struck me as funny to put these two guys together.  😀 bff by...

A StinkBug Fellowship 0

A StinkBug Fellowship

Here’s a poster that I have for sale over at Zazzle. A StinkBug Fellowship by Spencer_B3See more posters At ZazzleSee more Cartoon Art Posters by

Marvel Masterpieces Artist proofs 0

Marvel Masterpieces Artist proofs

I had put out the word that I had Marvel Masterpieces Artist Proofs available for commission.  All of the artwork for the sketch cards needed to be in to Upper Deck by November 20th...

Johnny Rock Page 0

Johnny Rock Page

Johnny Rock Page is a Superbike Racer who stole newspaper headlines by defeating the expert riders at Firebird Raceway in his rookie year.  He was quickly proving himself as one of the best racers,...

Marvel Masterpieces III Artist proof 0

Marvel Masterpieces III Artist proof

I have received some artist proof cards after working on the sketch card sets for Marvel Masterpieces Set II & III.  I haven’t decided what to do on each one of these cards so...

Wonder Woman 5

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most recognizable female icons in the world.  For the third year in a row, the heroine brandishes her Amazon bracelets as a symbol for a charity benefit for...