The Secret to the Secret

So after posting yesterday’s pencil sketch I thought I would show a little more about the process that I’ve been using for these new prints.

 erase the pencils a bit, ink and scan.


I then place the scan into Illustrator and use the Live Trace to make the raster image a vector image to be colored in Flash 

tempest_ink-trace01 tempest_ink-trace02

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2 Responses

  1. anonymous fan says:

    So it would appear that you are using a MAC? Are all artsy fartsy people mac lovers, or just most of them, and why?

  2. Spencer says:

    I haven’t consistently used a mac since I graduated from College in 1997. I’ve been using this gigantic PC for about 7 years and I started to notice a real lag while I was editing video. Right before I went to the Star Wars Celebration Japan I decided to by a laptop that I could take with me and edit video etc. With the PC, it seemed like I was always fighting to get just the right compression on the video and I got so frustrated I decided to try the mac.

    So, I’m not a mac lover I just wanted a laptop that was worry free and so far so good.

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