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The Collector 0

The Collector

I have just completed a new banner illustration for the collecting site Mint in Box.  All of their previous banners have included Boba Fett in them, which makes perfect sense to me since he...

Clone Wars Cameos 0

Clone Wars Cameos

So watching the latest episode of the Clone Wars cartoon I noticed something interesting.  There’s a scene when two clones that have been infected by these parasites fire on the Jedi and Ahsoka flips over the...

Star Wars Celebration VEEEEE! 4

Star Wars Celebration VEEEEE!

Well, it’s actually Celebration V, but I just can’t get the “V” out of my head!  So August 12th-15th, 2010 in Orlando Florida will be the next big Star Wars convention.  I hope that...

Zazzle is ONLINE! 1

Zazzle is ONLINE!

 Happy Days!  After a year of working with Zazzle, I’m SUPER pleased to announce that the store is ONLINE!  You can click HERE to go to the Zazzle store or you can check out some of...

Internet Radio Starring ME! 0

Internet Radio Starring ME!

Well, maybe not “Starring” but I make an appearance (can you say that about audio?).  Back at the San Diego Comic Con I met Harris Toser from Non-Sport Update. Non-Sport Update is THE magazine...

AUTOBURTS!  Rollout! 0


I guess that would be TransAMform and Rollout!  Here’s a new print that I’ll be taking with me to this weekends show in Vegas. by