I’m Doing a Show in Vegas!

My good friends over at World Famous Comics and Ronin Spoon have invited me to come out to the Las Vegas Comic Book Festival on November 7th.  It’s just a one day event that’s part of library book week for the county library system, but it’s a good excuse to be out meeting up with friends.  I’m totally looking forward to the event as well and the post festival festivities known as Cowboy Town!  (art guns for hire!)

Here’s some more samples of the product that I will have on hand, soon to be available from Zazzle.


At Fan Days III I had a post card size of the “Jabba’s Girls” illustration and sold out of all 25 cards.  So I bumped them up to the larger Greeting card size and will have post cards of “Uh Oh Oola” and the Boba Fett illustration “Brothers”.  See the size comparison image below.


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